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Randy Granger
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Kickstarter update.

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Recording Cello and Hang with Alison Reynolds of La Cella Bella
Glad to report the Kickstarter campaign for the new CD project is over halfway funded as of today, the fourth day since launching. It is very encouraging and am I am beyond grateful. Remember that if I don't meet 100% of my funding goal I won't receive a penny so it is important to keep the momentum going. Please continue to share this project with your circle of friends, family, co-workers, other flute players etc. Recording continues and is spurred on by this great start of the Kickstarter campaign. I laid some tracks down with a Cellist friend Alison Reynolds for the song "Comes the Moon." So excited about the music on this album. It combines my life-long career as a musician with the newest instruments I've incorporated in to my music like Native American and World flutes, the Hang, Halo and hammered dulcimer.

A few things I do want to communicate to all of you:
  • You can donate ANY amount you want regardless. The reward levels are not the only amount or level you can contribute. You can even contribute more without accepting a reward. So please tell your circle of friends and family about this.
  • Since Kickstarter has only been around since 2008 many people still don't quite understand what it is. I get many emails from people on my email list who have replied saying good luck on the new CD but don't quite get what I'm asking.
  • Word of mouth is the MOST effective way of spreading Kickstarter campaigns. Please share this campaign with everyone, regardless if you think they might like my music, you know. Some people just love to support artists and good causes. Don't underestimate people.
  • I only receive the funds for the CD if 100% of the goal is met. Please do what you can to keep this momentum going. I'm am burning the candles at all ends to get as many songs completed and recorded before I go on a short two-week performance tour to North Carolina. Check my Calendar to see more. 

Thank you very much for your encouragement and support. Spread the word! Check the campaign's efforts and status on the Kickstarter page. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/randygranger/pre-order-strong-medicine-the-cathartically-joyous 

Much peace to you

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