Randy Granger

Randy Granger
In the Chihuahuan Desert near the Organ Mountains, New Mexico

Sunday, July 5, 2009

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I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer. Here in southwestern New Mexico it has been dry and just a little under normal for temperatures. We are grateful for this. Now that the Monsoon rains have begun the humidity makes every living thing here droop a bit. I’ve been busy with performing and recording a new project.

I am honored to share that my CD, “A Place Called Peace” is nominated for an Indian Summer Music Award in the category of Flute along with musicians like Mary Youngblood and Jan Michael Looking Wolf. This is a prestigious award and the nomination is something I’m proud to have. As I watched Federer accept his trophy for winning a record 15 Grand Slams the interviewer kept asking him how it felt to win this record and Wimbledon. Federer said that the record was never his goal. Instead his goal was to play as well and as hard as he could. I respect that. As a working musician I occasionally seek out awards more for a means to an end than self validation. See it is my experience that awards mean more to people hiring you or reviewing your music than to the actual musician. Awards are mileposts saying people in your industry recognize that you did something meaningful, a document. When I’m busking for bucks at the Farmer’s Market or playing in a bookstore to a crowd of 20 or so what matters, what keeps people listening, is the heart, skill and attention I am giving to my music in that moment. I know that. Making a living as I do with my music I want to get paid fairly for my effort and sale music. Nominations and awards carry some clout in that respect but you still need to give listeners and fans a reason to pop your CD in more than once or put you on their IPod.

Most times I forget to apply to awards and miss the deadlines. That is something that a record company usually does for an artist. A reporter asked me who played the various instruments on my CD she was reviewing. She mentioned that it wasn’t listed nor was the producer. I sheepishly admitted it was me playing all the instruments as well as engineering and producing. I said I was embarrassed to list that because I thought it would make me seem like an egotistical control freak. Imagine what I feel about awards. I really have those cringe moments when I’m waiting off stage and the MC is going on and on about this award or that nomination. That said I am really humbled by the company I’m in for the nominations some are Grammy winners. You can check them out at the ISMA website. http://www.indiansummer.org/entertainment/isma.html
I’m fortunate to be able to receive these nominations and to produce what is in my heart onto a recording. When you accept the muse it stays right there with you and when you slack off it is like splinters in your soul. I’m really grateful for every single download, sale and audience member. Really. Thank you for your support and whomever wins the ISMA award I’m elated to be a part.

Here is a video of what I call my Americana Medley from a recent performance.