Randy Granger

Randy Granger
In the Chihuahuan Desert near the Organ Mountains, New Mexico

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What is Za Zee Za Zu Zing?

The opening track on my new album A Place Called Peace is a song called Za Zee Za Zu Zing. It is a fun song with vocals, djembe, Native American flute and Hang drum. The chorus is the nonsensical phrase Za Zee Za Zu Zing which really doesn't mean anything that I'm aware of. I was playing around on my Hang and came up with a melody and heard the djembe part and the singing etc. Sometimes the words come first, other times the melody or the flute part I never know but I'm glad it does.

An interviewer for New Mexico Magazine asked me recently if I had vocal training and I answered yes. She said she asked because she is also a singer and said her choir would warm up with za zee za zee za zee za zee za while singing the major scale. Then it hit me she's right. I warm up with all sorts of syllabic stuff, chicken sounds melodic yawns. Oh man, when I'm driving to a gig I'm thinking there must be a hidden camera recording how ridiculous I sound and look. Nothing new though.

This video was put together and produced by Moonface Media Farm and the clips are from the World of Faeries Festival where I played earlier this year. I think he did a pretty great job. Thanks Michael!