Randy Granger

Randy Granger
In the Chihuahuan Desert near the Organ Mountains, New Mexico

Friday, November 6, 2009

Following the Flute Road East

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Fall came overnight here in southern New Mexico’s Mesilla Valley along the Rio Grande. Then almost 80 degree days meant lots of yard work for the industrious. Our 14 Pecan trees require lots of love and soon they will freeze the husks and be ready for harvesting. That is a serious task that usually means lot of hot baths and Aleve. A Harvest Full-Moon this week was astonishing and beautiful. I find myself busy as ever managing my career and time. I had a couple of weeks off preceeded by shows in a Cave in Boerne, TX, Austin, Dallas, Arlington and back again. I played this week for the Hospice Candlelight Memorial and it was as moving as ever and the most people they’ve had. For the first time it was in their expanded facility and I’m very proud of them for the work they’ve done and the $6million they raised for the expansion.

Full Moon Rising over the Organ Mountains in southern New Mexico. November 2

Saturday Nov. 7th I’ll return to the Dona Ana Arts Council’s Renaissance ArtFaire. I’m really glad. Wasn’t sure if they were going to include me due to mid-stream staff changes, but I talked them into it. I always enjoy it and the 30,000 people who attend do as well. We are so lucky to have the best November weather. It is always deep blue skies, dry air and in the mid 70’s. They put a dragon in the moat and have giant smoked turkey drumsticks, the best pastrami and kosher dills this side of New Jersey and lots of entertainment. I will be on the Rio Grande stage Saturday at 11:30 and 3:30 playing my Native flutes, Hang drum and singing up a storm. I’ve invited a dancer, Terry Alvarez, and a cellist from la Cella Bella, Allison Reynolds, to sit in with me should be fun. Here is a link to some press about the RenFaire as well call it http://www.lcsun-news.com/las_cruces-sunlife/ci_13680330

A Place Called Peace continues to receive great reviews and of course winning the Indian Summer Music Awards in the Flute category is something I am so proud of because it was a blind judging and not a popularity contest. Beating out a Grammy® and several NAMA winners really didn’t mean much other than it validated that if you express yourself from the heart 100% and have faith in your music you will be recognized and heard. A music journalist who is the most sought after critic in the New Age genre said “there is deep feeling here, and that is something you can’t fake” as Bill Binkleman said in a review on NewAgeReporter.com. You can read the full review here: www.randygranger.net/REVIEWS.html I found out this week that I’ve been invited to perform and conduct a flute playing workshop at the 2010 International Native American and World Flute Association’s conference in Eu Claire, Wisconsin and am delighted and happy about it. Learn more about the conference at http://www.worldflutes.org/

Sunday I am on my way to Florida, Melbourne specifically for the 1st Native Rhythms Festival November 13-15. This is a new festival put together by the Indian River Flute Circle, a whole host of passionate volunteers and sponsors. I will be performing solo as well as with Michael Graham Allen, aka Coyote Oldman. Mark Holland and N. Scott Robinson, Jonny Lipford, Jan Sieden, Clint Goss, Doc Green and other musicians will be there along with Native American Flute makers and other crafts people. I will also be one of the judges for the Flute Playing Competition which will be an honor. I am excited also because a few NASA launches are scheduled while I’m there and Cape Canaveral is just miles from Melbourne. I love Florida’s people and food. I will be travelling through San Antonio, New Orleans, Tampa, Savannah, Macon and hopefully Arkansas depending on the weather. Originally the Poet Wayne Crawford would be travelling with me and we scheduled performances from our collaborative CD “Oasis Bound” however, his duties as poetry editor, Arts Council work and more piled up so I’ll be driving alone and may or may not book a gig in your town… Of course, if you have a flute circle or would like a house concert get in touch with me. My Hang drums are always a real hit especially when people hear them for the first time. I always look forward to bringing my unique Native American flute music from a trained musician, healer and native New Mexican perspective. My own ancestry is so rich with peoples who journeyed far, held rituals, were seers and resilient. I’d like to think they all meet in my Heart—and that is where the music is made.


Here is a video of the Police song Every Breath You Take on Native flute and Hang drum. Enjoy.