Randy Granger

Randy Granger
In the Chihuahuan Desert near the Organ Mountains, New Mexico

Monday, February 9, 2009

Casa Grande Ruins American Indian Music Festival

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Already February and we've had temps in the mid 70's this week. Not to rub it in of course. We are definitely fortunate weather wise here in the southwest. I feel really sympathetic when I see the rest of the country out of power from freezing power lines. I cannot imagine that. Later this week I'm off to play at the first annual American Indian Music Festival at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument in Arizona. The ruins are left over from the Hohokam (250 BCE - 1450 AD) people who traded with the Anasazi and Mogollon Indians both of which kicked about in New Mexico. The ruins are surreal in that they are right in the middle of the Phoenix/Tucson megatropolis area and butt right up against housing, WalMart and Walgreens.

I feel really honored to have been asked to perform along with Coyote Oldman, R. Carlos Nakai, Travis Terry, Gabe Ayala and other musicians I really admire and respect. What an complete treat for me to hear them and play with them in a performer's jam session I'm told will be great. Michael Allen and I will do some impromptu jamming together too and I'm over the Moon about that. He is not only a friend but a real inspiration when it comes to my flute playing journey.

Last summer on my way back from the Zion Flute Fest I stopped at Casa Grande ruins and played my flutes way in the back out of sight of the rangers. I felt the connection with all the hands that built that amazing structure and village. This festival is being organized at a grass roots level by a Park Ranger Alan Stanz who is a musician as well as a major flute enthusiast. I will be selling my hand crafted Aromatherapy massage oils as well as my new line of jewelry. Should be fun. I'll get photos! How cool it will be to play my flutes, hang drum and sing in that atmosphere. I am really lucky.

Please come by if you can and say hello and stop a while in my booth. Endure winter my friends for the Sun told me he is coming to you soon.