Randy Granger

Randy Granger
In the Chihuahuan Desert near the Organ Mountains, New Mexico

Monday, October 14, 2013

Autumn affirmations of Rock Art, Pagans, UU's and the State Fair.

Randy Granger at SWEC 2013 Gala Fundraiser 
Happy autumn friends. We are blessed with an extended Indian Summer here in the Chihuahuan desert of southern New Mexico. Our Rio Grande is mostly Rio Seco (dry) this summer sadly. We had such great rain and were happy for it. Let’s hope it replenishes the watershed. Since my last post I’ve performed up in Albuquerque at the NM State Fair in the Indian Village at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Albuquerque where I got to try out their new worship hall. It is beautiful and austere, very UU. They love my music there and I love playing there where people really listen to the spirit and intent of your music. Also I’ve performed here at the Southwest Environmental Center’s SWEC fundraiser Gala on the Downtown Street of Las Cruces. It was posh and a beautiful evening settled into our downtown canyons and my music swirled and caressed the people and buildings. It was a great cause. I wasn’t paid more than a utility payment for playing, I'm grateful, but hey it’s about keeping the circulation of giving and receiving giving. 

Las Cruces Pagan Pride Day Young Park 
Last weekend I performed at the Pagan Pride Day here at Young Park in Las Cruces. The weather and day was ideal and our fall weather held out for us so well. I really believe diversity is having a respect for everyone’s own journey to his or her Creator. It’s more than lip service for me and I was honored to be  headline the day. My booth was stocked with the rattles, flute, Sage, Smudge, jewelry and music I carry. I also reconnected with some great drummers in the area and we jammed on stage and afterwards that night at Susan Jewel’s drumming studio. My hands were sore. Ha-ha. I love me some drumming.

With all of my recent gigs the number of people who come up to me and tell me how they listen to my music is touching and a much needed affirmation to continue. They say they listen to it every morning to get into a peaceful zone, as they work on their art, their computer, at work, before bed, doing mediation, prayer etc. I’m just so completely overcome with emotion and gratitude when I hear this. One woman came just to buy a copy of Strong Medicine for her friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. She wanted to give her a copy personally.

Another said it was all they listened to when their brother was in his battle. Another has a young, healthy, athlete son who just had surgery for testicular cancer and he said he listens to Deep Peace to You over and over for comfort and strength. I’m so touch by their personal stories. As I work in the studio it’s easy to forget my music impacts the world. When I’m stressing over money I don’t feel I’m anything special and certainly not important to anyone. So these testimonies are affirmation and feedback from creator/universe saying yes you are and you need to birth even more of your music into this world. So thank you.

This weekend I return to perform for the second year at the Rock Art Rendezvous near Comstock, TX. It is at the White Shaman Preserve across from Seminole Canyon St Park. The Non-Profit Rock Art Foundation’s mission in part is to: 

Educating public and private sectors about the endangered status of rock art in Texas
Restoration and preservation research
Acquiring endangered sites for transfer to agencies capable of ensuring their integrity.
Continuing to locate and document previously unrecorded sites
Fostering harmonious relations with land owners for site management / protection and supervised visitation
Archiving photographic collections

Every year they meet and have a rendezvous and organize hikes to the pictograph and petroglyph sites over five millennia old that dot the lower Pecos river area of the southwest. It’s breathtaking and humbling to go on these hikes mostly on privately owned land. I first went three years ago and jammed at night with the other great musicians who come to the gathering.  So I performed a concert last year on the Saturday night and was invited to return and do it again. The feedback from the crowd was strong, supportive and laced with appreciation. I’m the one who is most appreciative the opportunity as I totally support their efforts.  I play me flute at the cave rock art shelters and feel my ancestor’s spirit and presence. They care they took to leave those ancient messages makes me feel so grateful I get to see it. Truly. And, I get to some really special and great friends again !!!!!!

Rock Art Foundation

Work on the new album of solo Native American flute "Ancient Grace" music continues. I haven’t launched the Indiegogo campaign yet because I haven’t been able to edit and finish the video. It takes so much time and care it’s been a challenge. I’m sorry for that. I very much know there is support for it and I will burn the midnight oil to get it launched before I get too overwhelmed. Several people have supported me through PayPal and I have a folder with their backing info. You can also do that in any amount you wish. My PayPal is hangguy@gmail.com Be sure and copy and paste the email as there are 2 “g’s” Thanks

Talk to you after the Rock Art Rendezvous. You can always support them too at www.rockart.org and learn more about their amazing work and mission. 

Blessings to you at every turn. Be sure and check me out on iTunes, Amazon.com, CDBaby.com. Pandora, Youtube and my website