Randy Granger

Randy Granger
In the Chihuahuan Desert near the Organ Mountains, New Mexico

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Indian Summer Settling in......

Banking into O'Hare over the Chicago Skyline

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As the Earth begins to finally tilt north I can sense the change in season, and in myself. Fall has always been my favorite season. I was born in September but don’t think that is it. In New Mexico we pick and roast green chilies in fall and the smell of them roasting in every parking lot and backyard is intoxicating. The smoky, earthy and musky smell is like no other. We have our major fiestas in the fall when it begins to hint of cooler nights. The sun is moving north over my beloved Organ Mountains. Myself, I become even more pensive than usual seeing the rich metaphors in natures and the seasons. The type of gigs I play also changes back to my stable of fall festivals and indoor concerts. I never feel I’ve worked hard enough by the time September rolls around. Must be some linkage to starting school this time of year from elementary to college—I don’t know. When you are an artist you never feel you have worked hard enough, dug deep enough, took enough time with a project. That is why live performance is so attractive to us as musicians. It is ephemeral. An album is a document people can listen to over and over and over, hopefully. So often it takes me months before I can really listen to my own album detached enough to enjoy it. Just after it comes out it is like a special dish you’ve tried for your friends and keep feeling like you need to apologize for it saying well this is my first time trying this recipe, there is probably too much this or that. A new album is like that too. Eventually it becomes your signature dish that everyone must have the recipe for. Humans are funny that way.

I’m in the upper Midwest again in Chicago then on to perform at Indian Summer Festival. I’m honored to be included as a performer after winning the ISMA Best Native Flute Album last year. What is amazing it the awards are judged by independent judges in the field of being music professionals. Several of the judges stopped by to talk to me after I won last year and I was humbled by what they said about my music without knowing a thing about me. That is validation that is priceless and wonderful to hear.  I was hoping to get to Iowa to perform after Indian Summer.  I didn’t enter this year and probably missed the NAMA’s too but that is okay. I don’t need to chase these awards. All things in the right time and with the right intention. I perform at the ISF Saturday at 12:30pm, then during the awards show and again Sunday at 11:30am. Come on out if you live anywhere near the area and be sure to get me to sign your CD for you. I’m always happy to do that. I was hoping to do some shows in Iowa after Milwaukee but some serious family health matter mean I have to clear my gig slate for the rest of September. I’m still plugging away and always interested in performing at House Concerts, for Flute Circles, Drum groups, concerts etc. Just email me at booking@randygranger.net for info okay.

I hope your fall is reflective and abundant. We are beyond fortunate to enjoy the quality of life we have in the US. Music is the glue my friends. The arts are the salve that reminds us of beauty and what we are capable at our best moments. My new album Pura Vida – This is Pure Life is available on iTunes now at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pura-vida-this-is-pure-life/id384128875.  You can hear song clips; download individual songs or the whole album at CDBaby.com, Amazon.com and iTunes of course. You can always order directly from my website and receive a signed CD on my order page.  I am getting really great feedback and I’m happy for that.

Thank you for reading these notes.

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