Randy Granger

Randy Granger
In the Chihuahuan Desert near the Organ Mountains, New Mexico

Friday, April 30, 2010

Gigging under ground and a painted sky.

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Gigs are what musicians call work as in “I’m gigging Saturday night and can’t come to your party.” Weddings, funerals, rehearsals are all gigs too. So this past week I did some shows, gigs, in Texas took me from the edge of Space at the Mayborn Planetarium and Space Theater then deep below the Earth in the Cave Without a Name. Science, music and art—sounds like a perfect combination to me. It was a trio at the Planetarium including me on Flutes, Hang and Halo, Voice and Jodi Roberts on Bowls and Gongs and Stephanie Phillips on Viola. The audience flew through the cosmos while we performed live music. It was otherworldly and a nice experience. The next gig was in underground cave for a private workshop and sound healing for a group of around 24 or so. It was powerful, especially when we turned off all the lights. In that deep darkness you could only hear the dripping of water, breathing, chanting and the sound of my Halo, a tonal percussion instrument in the Pan family of instruments. Playing my unamplified flute, drums and singing in such a space was a real privilege and treat.

So this weekend I am the featured performer at the Spirit of the Painted Sky Powwow in El Paso, TX. It is the first annual intertribal gathering of its kind here. I’m honored. Again the “sky” figures into the gig. I like that. The venue (where we play) is in McKelligon Canyon once a sacred gathering place for the Mesoamerican tribes and later Rio Grande tribes. I know as I play my flutes there I will connect with, possibly, some of my ancestors and bringing it full circle. I’ve been humbled by where my own Native American flute path has taken me. Places I never expected to perform, opportunities, exposure, spiritual exploration and a search for my own lineage all branching from my decision in the winter of 2003 to buy my first flute. The people I’ve met and connected with, the musicians I’ve shared the stage with, the people I hear from telling me how my flute music has touched them, healed them, and moved them all mean a great deal to me. I am excited about my future in music.

May 15th our trio will perform again at the famed Rothko Chapel in Houston, TX. Some notable people who have spoken there include the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Jonas Salk,
Archbishop Desmond Tutu. We will play for a special membership appreciation event. What an incredible honor. Go here for information www.rothkochapel.org/Members%20Event%202010.htm

Later in May I’ll be performing at the Native Treasures Arts Show in Santa Fe. While up north I’ll attend the 23rd  New Mexico Industry Awards banquet in Albuquerque. I’m happy to report I received four nominations this year in the categories of “Native American Contemporary” “World Beat” and “New Age Contemporary.” Check out the other nominees at www.newmexicomusicawards.com/ So my music takes me to gigs in space, underground and under a painted sky. Bookmark my Calendar to see if I’m coming to where you are and come and say hello. Here is a video collage of a Halo solo from the Earth Day concert.

Jodi Roberts, Randy Granger

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joshuatreefluteman said...

Randy, it's good to see that you are out there doing your thing to bring the world closer together. A working musician. John