Randy Granger

Randy Granger
In the Chihuahuan Desert near the Organ Mountains, New Mexico

Friday, October 17, 2008

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Randy Granger

Randy Granger's latest CD, A Place Called Peace, is reviewed by Emily Drabanski in the current issue of New Mexico Magazine.

A Place Called Peace
GENRE: Native Flute

Randy Granger’s latest CD is a diverse collection of meditative flute songs. Richly layered with the sounds of a variety of flutes and percussion instruments, A Place Called Peace offers more depth than some flute solo recordings you might find. Here Granger also plays the hang drum, a metal lap instrument developed in Switzerland, as well as an Australian didjeridoo and an African djembe (drum). Recognized for his ability on both flutes and drums, he was a featured speaker at this summer’s International Native American Flute Association convention, in Wisconsin. The Hobbs native, who has lived in the Las Cruces area for more than seven years, calls himself “Mix” Granger for his diverse ethnic ancestry, including Mayan, Apache, and Dogrib.

While all of these songs are skillfully played, several stand out. The CD opens with the catchy “Za Zee Za Zu Zing,” Granger’s sweet tenor voice giving the song a hypnotic, soothing quality. This is the only track on which he sings; I would love to hear more. Amazingly, in “Double-Barrel Train Wreck,” Granger captures the sound of a train with his double-barreled drone flute. He gets the drone chugging by making the most of the one-octave difference between the flute’s two chambers. “The Dog Star” has a haunting melody, while “Río Grande Lullaby” is uplifting and peaceful.

But my favorite is “Chaco Moon Meditation”: Granger’s light, chime-like tapping on hang drum reminds me of a gentle rain falling in Chaco Canyon, the sound of a flute in the distance. If you enjoy meditative, contemplative music, A Place Called Peace fits the bill.

For info: www.randygranger.net. To hear a song: www.nmmagazine.com.

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